We’re here to make room for people in the modern workplace.

Many of us will spend a third of our lives in what we broadly refer to as “the office.” But these ubiquitous spaces often fail to support the people inside. Instead, offices too often treat people as little more than faceless bodies in need of uniform space.

That is changing. Finally, offices are making room for people.

Visionaries and companies around the world are transforming the workplace as we know it, designing for physical and mental health, as well as personal growth.

This fresh movement animates ROOM and has done so from the beginning. In fact, we designed our first product, the office phone booth, to nurture peace and privacy within open-plan offices.

It was a great start. But we believe that for the office revolution to improve lives, society, and the world, it demands more than physical products. After all, how we experience work goes far beyond desks, ergonomic chairs, and conference rooms. It’s about leadership and collaboration. The office, too, should be about cultivating healthy lifestyles, which benefit both colleagues and the office environment in general. And the best offices support, rather than limit, experimentation and individuality.

Consider Out of Office an editorial exploration of the many ways offices can, and indeed are, working to improve life around the clock. It’s an honest look at ideas that are sparking transformative change in the way we work.

From workplace design to leadership practices and much more, we collaborate with experts in myriad fields to help inspire and guide your welcome efforts to make room for people.

This conversation requires many voices. Each article includes a comment section, and we invite you to share your insights, thoughts, and experiences. If you have an article idea of your own, you can send us a message at editorial@room.com. We’re here to listen.